Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we at Go Bright exterior cleaning services recieve and the answers to those questions.

Pure water is just normal water from a tap that has been first passed through a series of special filters called a reverse osmosis system and then passed through a de-ionisation chamber. These steps remove all of the contaminants in the water like chlorine, calcium etc leaving absolutely no impurities in the water.

The water doesn't actually do the cleaning, with more traditional cleaning the mop or applicator agitates the dirt into the soap solution and the squeegee wipes it away, with pure water cleaning the principal is actually the same but a brush agitates the dirt into the water and more water is then used to simply rinse the dirt away.

Leaving the glass to dry naturally is the best way when using this method of cleaning, this way it dries to a spot and streak free shine.

Yes, everytime as it's part of the process. We have to remove as mush dirt as possible from frames so that it doesn't run onto the glass whilst drying. Sills are cleaned as part of the thorough service we provide.

Yes we do clean in light rain and drizzle because contrary to popular belief rainwater is very clean, in fact it is almost as clean as the pure water that we ourselves use. We try not to clean during heavy rainfall or storms simply because dirt and dust could blow onto the wet glass and contaminate it causing spots or streaks. We do offer a 24hr satisfaction guarantee which does include a rain guarantee although we are confident it would never be needed.

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