Rain & Quality Guarantee

Go Bright Rain & Quality Guarantee

We have heard it so many times, "oh don't clean my windows in the rain they'll stay dirty".

Go Bright exterior cleaning services in Swaffham, Norfolk chaged the way we clean windows for many reasons and one of them is the fact that WE CAN clean in the rain because it won't affect the end result at all.

Let's look at the two methods side by side, the now industry standard water fed pole pure water method and the more traditional mop and squeegee method.

Water Fed Pole Pure Water Window Cleaning

Your windows are cleanedand then rinsed with filtered and deionised water that contains absolutely no contaminants that are found in tapwater, the glass, frames and sills are all cleaned as part of the process so that ALL DirT is removed and then left to air dry for a perfect result.

Traditional Window Cleaning

A mop, or applicator and squeegee is used to clean the glass with a mixture of water (usually from the tap) and soap (usually household dish detergent containg petrochemicals) and the frames and sills are then wiped to remove MOST DIRT.

The Science Behind It

Once cleaning is completed there isn't much visible difference between the two methods but it is the surface of the glass and frames that is important.  With traditional window cleaning the surfaces will have a micro thin layer of soap or grease left behind and when it rains the rainwater will react with this and cause dirty spots or runs.

Rain water is in fact almost as contaminant free as our own pure water and here in Norfolk the total dissolved solids (contaminants) in rain water are as little as 4-8 PPM (parts per million) whereas tap water in the UK can vary with anything up to around 600 PPM and these contaminants can includeChlorine, Fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), Salts of: arsenic, radium, aluminium, copper, lead, mercury,cadmium, barium and there can also be Hormones, Nitrates and Pesticides added .  We at Go Bright only clean windows with absolutely pure water with a TDS of 000 PPM but could safely use water with a PPM of up to 10.  There are somewater fed pole window cleaners around the UK that can and do harvest and clean with rainwater as this is perfectly safe to do.

So in short due to the advancements in window cleaning technology cleaning windows in wet weather is no longer an issue and we are so confident os this that if you spot a problem and tell us within 24hrs we will come back as quickly as possible and clean any affected windows again for free.

This guarantee is not only limited to rain, if there is any problem with the quality of our work please contact us within 24hrs and of course we will be happy to come back and assess the problem and re-clean when necessary at no charge to you.

To request a callback so we can discuss a problem should any arise please fill in the short form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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